Saturday, 27 August 2016

How to stay organised // back to school collab with Lexi

Hey guys xo
How are you. Today is part two of my back to school series with one of blogging besties Lexi.
Today is staying organised. Which for me is very hard so I'm sharing my tips on how I do it. So I hope I hope you enjoy it.

In my school they give us a print out of our timetable, but I think I can speak for a lot of people but I always lose it within a week so I always will rewrite it out in my journal and I write one out to keep at home. I always do when I first get it in case I do lose it. But I got my timetable Wednesday I haven't lost it yet so fingers crossed I don't.

 This is my timetable from last year if your wondering. And please don't judge the hand writing I hadn't written in around two months.

My next piece of advice is too write out a to do list. I know we all have a journal but it helps just having a separate list especially for projects and essays due. I find it helps so much as although I always write every thing down in my journal this is so much easier.

I just write everything from essays to studying. The stuff on this list is stuff I came io with for the sake of this blog post as I don't write them in summer. I only keep on in my phone for my blog.

Keeping a good routine from day one is key. Get into a habit of not leaving homework till last minute I'm the worst for this, I wish I wasn't though. It's such s good thing to do homework on the day you get it and if you have a test ins week do a bit of studying every night instead of cramming. If an essay is due research one night and then plan the next and then write it the next. Short term thru seem like stupid ideas but in the long run it  really does pay off.

Always write a  list of reminders. Just things like after school activities  or if something changes. It's use their to remind you incase you do forget.

I could go on for days telling you tips but I have to stop somewhere. I hope you enjoy this little tips, and I know they won't be for everyone. But if I can help even a few people that its al that matters.

Hope you enjoy it and please make sure you go and check out Lexis biology as she is amazing and her she deserves the readers as I love her blog.
Check it out:Lexis amazing blog
Love you all 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Back to school with Lauren and Lexi // Hair and makeup

Hey guys xo
So We all know in the coming weeks it's back to school. And for bloggers that means back to school posts. So me and one of blogging bestie Lexi from Lexii the newt decided we should a back to school series similar to our summer sleepover we did last year. There is going to be three posts over the space of this week so I hope you enjoy.
Lexis blog: Lexii the newt

I know with hair and makeup we all make am effort for the first month and then it's just hair it's just a quick brush of the hair or a bit of mascara but I have some really quick hairstyles and a makeup look for you.

So one of the cutest hair styles which once you get the hang of it takes less than five minutes. Dutch plaits. It's basically like French plaits but instead of bringing the hair over you bring it over. Its such a good hairstyle for school because it keeps your hair out of your face but it's not fully up, if you get what I mean.

Another one of my favourite hair styles is a half up Half down. I love this as you can still wear your hair down but by tying that tiny bit up it makes all the difference, keeping it out of your face but still doing something with it. Another option would be putting the pony tail part into a bun. This is so cute and adds even more to a simple and cute half up half down.

You can add so much to pony tails and I know a lot of schools make the students have their hair completely up, so why not add a plait into your pony tail. You can do it many different ways but personally I love when you do it at the back. As you can see from the picture I wear my pony tail
round to the side so when people look from the back they will be able to see the plait going up into it.

Other hairstyles I love are messy buns. I usually do this after I've had wavy hair as the bun is really big and has lots of volume. I would also sometimes wear a normal fish tail plait to back as it gets in the way with my uniform. It can sometimes take a while but it's worth it.

For my makeup I like to keep it very minimal as I don't have enough time to touch up during the day.
I don't usually bother with a primer as I spend most of my day sitting around it basically stays in place.
For the first step I either use BB cream or foundation. I usually go for foundation as it covers more but on days I feel confident I go for the BB cream. I usually use No7 or rimmel.

I then go in with concealer. I love the collection lasting perfection or Rimmel wake me up. Both of
these are amazing for covering and brightening . And boy do I need the concealer. I really don't like the early mornings.

I then do my eyebrows. I use sleek as its one of the only brands that have a shade that matches my eyebrows as they're a cool brown shade unlike my hair which is very warm toned.

I don't do any eye makeup just a bit of mascara. I don't bother Curling my eyelashes as they already naturally curl upward,which is very good for me as it makes my eyes look larger as there very small. I go for whatever mascara I feel like on the day but this time I decided to go for roller lash by
benefit. This is one of my all time favourite mascara. It really makes my lashes look fuller and longer.

I then go in with a bit of bronzer to warm up my face as I'm always very pale and this does really help add a bit of colour to my face especially in the winter months.

That's basically my school makeup rountine, I might do a bit more if I'm getting a picture taken for school or its a special day.

That's it for today. See you soon with my next post in the series.
Love you all Lauren xo

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Bronzed summer makeup look

Hey guys xo
Today is a collaboration with an amazing blogger thareni nicole blog. She's is such an amazing blogger so I would defiantly go and check it out as she definitely deserves it.
We're both doing summer makeup looks so I'll leave her link at the end. Mien is a bronzed look as I'm really loving the gold shimmery eye, bronzer and a nice lippy.

So here it is.
I started off with my seventeen primer. It really helps with keeping makeup on. I then moved on to my face.

I use my all time favourite foundation. The No7 instant radiance. I really love this as it gives a lovely glowy look. I then used my lifesaving concealer the collection lasting perfection. This really brightens up under my eyes and covers up my imperfections.

I used my Kate Moss Sculpting palette. I love this as unlike many palette so they cater for more than one skin tome. I use a good bit of contour as it is a bronzed look. I also use a bit of blush and then my fave highlighter. I also did a bit of contouring with my hoola bronzer.

For my eyes I did one of my favourite looks. I put the maybelline colour 24 colour tattoo all over my eyelids. This is such a pigmented and it gives off an amazing shimmer. Which I love. I then used my maybelline the nudes palette. I used one of the lighter shades of brown and put it in my crease. Then I used one of the darker shades of brown in my outer corner. This is really nice and easy eye look and it works great on all types. I then used my benefit roller lash mascara and its amazing and really
separates and gives my lashes a longer and fuller effect. For brows I used sleek and used a  dark brown

Then for lips I used my benefit hoola lip gloss. It's such a nice colour and it doesn't feel to sticky like
many lip glosses out there
That's what I did to create this summer look. Here is the completed look below.

Read her collab here

Hope you enjoyed. Love you all 
Lauren xo

Friday, 17 June 2016

Makeup and beauty wish list // collab with Daisy Petals

Hey guys xo
How are you ? Today I have a collab with an amazing blogger "Daisy Petals". I love her blog so make sure to go and check it out. We're doing makeup and beauty wish lists so if you have any of these items tell what in the comments what you  think of them. Let's get to it.
A beauty wish list. We all have one. A List of things we want and either can afford or just never get around to buying it. Life is hard when your girl on a budget. So we all just may as well fall in love we things we can never get.

The first thing on my wishlist is Adidas Superstars. I'm getting a pair of these soon anyway as I've wanted them for a long time and there such pretty shoes. I think I'm going to get the white and black or the metallic. I can't wait to get them as I reallly need new shoes for summer. I'll definetly have to do a look book feauting these.

The next thing on my wish list is for sure the Naked palletes. I've wanted these for so long. There all just so perfect and amazing. Although there is many amazing dupes sometimes you just want the real deal. Even if it is €50 more. I think there all such versatile and create many amazing looks. I'm sure there all definitely worth the money.

One thing that's in at the moment is Bomber jackets. There perfect for Sumemer as if your like me and live in a country where the weather isn't great. Thanks Irish weather. It's great to have a light jacket to wear out. This will definitely be something I'll be purchasing for this summer. I've seen a couple I like so I'll have to try and tie it down to just one.

I'm in love with lipsticks but for a lover of my lippies I don't own any Mac. The one at the top of my list is definitely velvet teddy. I'm not too big a fan of bright lipsticks except for summer. I feel as this is a year round colour and would be perfect for any occasion. I'll for sure be buying this.

I'm a big fan of perfumes. I can't leave the house without it. I've had many amazing perfumes over my time and one of my favorites was Daisy Marc Jacobs. The perfume are all amazing and I really want to get another one as there all scents perfect for summer. I'm not really a fan of "flower scented" scents there all so nice.

I have Many more favourites but I'm going to leave it with this last one. I already have two of the maybelline palletes The Nudes palletes, but since I don't live in Amercia and they don't bring it all over here I can't get it. Hopefully I'll only have to wait a little while longer before they stock it in Ireland.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and I'm glad to be back blogging again. I've been so busy studying and taking time for myself.
Loved you collabing with daisy petals.
Her blog

Love you all xx

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Beauty hacks I live by.

Hey lovelies xo
Today I'm doing beauty hacks I live by. We have our little ways we do certain things that can be lifesaver. So here are my beauty hacks which I've picked il from many different people. It's also a collab with the amazing a drop of serendipity. So definitely go and check her blog out.

One big thing I Learnt is NEVER use a compact mirror to do your eyebrows. Made that mistake once I over plucked. It's because when you do you might think they look perfect when you do that but look at your face fully and you'll notice they don't look like you wanted. I mean some people find it easier and do use a small mirror for my little hairs, but for shaping use a big Mirror.

I think we all know this one but damp you beauty blender. It gives a much better finish and it doesn't absorb as much of the product.

When doing makeup but a focus point. Where you want the attention to go too. Have a bold lip go for  a more neatrul eye. If going heavy with contour keep it light with the rest. Same goes for the rest.

If your mascara is dried out add eye drops. This makes it usable again. Another hack for mascara is to put a spoon behind your lashes to prevent it getting on you lid.

To make any white eyeshadow pop use a white eye pencil underneath. It really makes the colour pop. Think about it like this if you had a page a similar to your skin and a white page, it would show up better on the white one.

I do love contour but hate doing it but it can be as easy as a number 3. I know I what explain this very well but if you about where you contour. Start from the top and then the middle line is you check
bone and the Last is your jaw. Works for highlight as well just do it the opposite way

So I hoped you liked this quick beauty hacks and I can't wait to do more.
Abbie's blog

Love you all lauren xo

Saturday, 9 April 2016


Hey guys xo 
So today I have a collab With a really amazing blogger Antonia. I love her blog so definitely go and check it out. I taking a bit of different topic and doing friendships. Making friends and losing them. For a lot of people they can struggle with both so hopefully my advice though I'm an not an expert, I've been through it all.

Making friends for some people can be hard. Being honest the best thing you can do it just wait for the right time. My group we just starting being friends. It wasn't forced, or awkward we just clicked from the start and now we're so close it's unreal. Thinking back to when we were just only 12 or 13 and starting secondary school now we're all 15 a couple almost 16. The thing I can say is BE YOURSELF. That's the most Important thing. Your friends are people who can be yourself around and they won't judge. When starting a new school or moving it can be hard making new friends but just find people with common interests and people who make you feel welcome. I've never struggled with Making friends but I've never had a lot either. I'm not saying I don't talk to people I always do but I'm just an awkward person a lot of the time.

Now on the topic of losing friends. We've all been through this. The one thing you need to remember is that it happens for a reason. I've lost a couple of friends and I feel like it's done me good. One friendship we still talk it's not like we're enemies or anything but we just drifted apart and friends do that all the time it's totally normal. One girl this is a different story, she and my other friend got in a fight and she was Saying it was my fault. She made me feel so bad about my self so many times that I just had end it. They're is a lot more than went on which I'm not going to share as even if I don't particularly like her may aswell be honest I'd never bad mouth her especially on the internet. But as the quote goes everything happens for a reason. Breaking of a friendship may mean the start of another.

And if I could one piece of advice to you guys is to never replace your friends with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Friendships most likely last longer than relationships and are the ones there when your break up.

I hope you liked this as its a bit of a different one.
Antonias blog //  Check it out xx

Love you all
Lauren xx

Thursday, 31 March 2016

My favourite bands and singers

Hey guys xo
So music. One of my favourite things ever. I probably listen it to a lot of day. It expresses people when words can't. Music has been a big part of my life. From singing around with my friends playing "X-Factor" when I was child  to playing guitar since I've been playing since I was 8. I'm not into music that a lot of people would be into today. Yeah I love singing and dancing around to remixes but I love old music that was maybe out anywhere from 10 years ago to 40. Here's my favourite singers albums and songs.

So my all time favourite band would definitely have to be the 1975. There amazing and if you haven't listened to them I would definitely go and check out there albums. Songs to listen to first are The Sound, Chocolate, And Robbers.

My favourite singer is without a doubt James Bay. He has such an amazing voice and I just love him. He has such a soulful voice. If your into singers like Ed Sheeran I would definitely go and check him out. Songs to listen are Scars and running

Shawn Mendes. Need I say more. He is so talented and his songs are so good. His voice is my favourite thing ever though.

That brings me onto my next favourite singer Ed Sheeran. Who doesn't like Ed Sheeran. He songs are amazing. I love the fact he plays he's own music. Just him and his guitar. I feel we need more singers like him. Today it's just auto tuned remixes. I'm not saying it's bad.i can agree DJing is hard and takes time to perfect, but sometimes all that is needed is a voice and guitar. Songs to listen to are NiƱa, thinking out loud and give me love. Give me love has been one of my favourite songs since I was around 13. I listened to it on repeat for about a month.

Kodaline and Hozier. Living in such a small country it's hard to make it big but having some big artist
living basically on your doorstep is amazing. I'm sure  you've all heard the song take me to church. It
 was one of the top songs for ages. And Kodaline two on the members grew up in town very near me. Back on track to their music, both artists are amazing, if your into the artists I've mentioned I say you'll love these two.

I'm a big fan of some of imagine dragons including radioactive, demons, it's time and on top of the world. Also I love the songs let it be, hey Jude and here comes the sun by the Beatles. Omg their just so amazing and the songs I just love them. The songs you found me, how to save a life, and never say never the fray have been some of my favourites for years now. Such amazing songs.

Also I love Coldplay. There such a talented band and there songs are amazing.

I also love The calling wherever you go, Kings of Leon's use somebody, The goo goo dolls Iris and Carolina Liar show me what I'm looking for.

Not going to lie every once in a while I have a Little jam to high school musical, hairspray, grease songs and every pop song out there but who doesn't.

Hope you enjoyed this and it inspired you to find new music.
Love yous xo